Water Exercises for Weight Loss

Those who are severely obese and tried every trick in the book to lose a lot of weight might have heard of water exercise and water aerobics. Loss of weight through water exercise and water aerobics is much easier than trying to lose weight without success through various pointless exercises.

There are cynics who mocked weight loss benefits of hydro exercises but now those very same critics themselves are hooked on to great health benefits of water exercises for weight loss are taking full advantage of this technique. Most fitness experts prescribe water exercises for weight loss these days.

There is no single exercise that I can recommend to you which is perfect for weight loss. But the possibilities, limitations, restrictions, physical condition and individual needs will be taken into account in water aerobics. You can run, swim or do jogging scribble or cardio exercise or whatever your instructor advices.

The best part of water exercises for weight loss is that you dont really need to know swimming to do them. You only have to develop the technique well, feel comfortable. In every practice session youll have to run or walk in water for at least twenty to forty minutes. And once you start water aerobics, the calories are burnt super-fast.

Water aerobic exercises do not necessarily mean you have to be in deep water or floating. Most of the exercises are really just average to chest deep water. You can adjust your comfort level with the water.

You burn 135 calories while walking on land for 30 minutes, doing the same in deep pool burns 264 calories. Jogging on land will burn 240 calories, while jogging in the water will burn 340 calories.

Various studies have confirmed that it will be between 450 and 700 calories that you’ll burn every hour doing water aerobics. This means losing weight or extra pounds has become easier to work in the world, thanks to water aerobics.

Some people find water exercises for weight loss relaxing and the water to be so freshening that they forgot they are exercising. If you have friends that can join you this all process could be a lot of fun. Have fun as you lose weight and gain good health.